Why We Do It

Why We Do it !

Why we do it?  You should not even have to ask the question!

In so many places all around the world there are problems with air quality.  Have you seen the images that come out of Beijing China on the news over the past years?  I am afraid that somehow we seem to simply become numb and complacent about that.  Maybe one day you and I will be in need of wearing such masks as we walk down the streets.  I wonder if even that would be enough for us to think about doing something about the problem?

You should be aware that the oceans are so polluted that we have already decided that farmed fish is the only way to go.  But now it looks like even fish farming has it’s issues too.  Might it be time to simply just get back to the basics?

In summation we do this work because it is extremely urgent that we do it and that we do it now!  We bring to this worldwide table no more talk, and no more debate.  

We bring action and engagement to the problems with the hope that it is not too late.

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